♻️🛡️PPWR2: Ensuring Safe Reuse & Recycling in Packaging Systems


With the European Commission's Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP) introduced in 2020, the EU is advancing its sustainability goals. The new Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) is a cornerstone of this plan. Proposed in 2022 to replace the older Directive 94/62/EU, the PPWR focuses on environmentally friendly packaging, its reuse, recycling, and more. All packaging in the EU will need to adapt to these regulations, starting from 2025 with ambitious milestones over 15 years.

Several countries, like France, are already setting the pace with laws to reduce waste, emphasizing the need for the entire packaging supply chain to adapt.

Symposium Invitation:

Join us for our 2nd Symposium on the Safety of Packaging Materials Supply Chain and the Demand for Reuse & Recycling. With expert speakers from the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, the US Food and Drug Administration, and top academia from the US and EU, this symposium is a deep dive into the new PPWR's impact.

After a successful first meeting in Dijon, Paris, our next session further explores the safety and sustainability of packaging in the EU.

Pre-register now and choose whether you'd like to attend online or in-person!


📝 Program - Overview


📅 PPWR2 Symposium Program


November 8️⃣, 2023 | 🕠17:30-🕢19:30 | 🍸 Cocktail Buffet - Welcome Event 🎉 

 📍Location:  Building A | Canopy (last floor) |

We'll mix and mingle over a selection of finger foods and beverages. A perfect blend of relaxed conversation and light fare, this evening event promises to be the social highlight of the symposium.


🗓 Day 1: Thursday, November 9️⃣, 2023 | RECYCLING PKG DAY

📍 Hybrid/Location: 🏫Campus Agro | Building B | Salle du conseil| Room B1.24

🗂 Time🎤 Session
🕣08:30-09:00 📝Registration Badges with 🥐
🕘09:00-09:20 🟤🎙 Welcome & Intro by AgroParisTech/Paris Saclay/French NRL/US Embassy
🕤9:20-10:40 🎯 Motivation of PPWR - P.-M. Nguyen - chair
20” 🔴📦Industrial Point of View - K. DESBOUIS (Ass. Corrugated CB, FR)
20” 🔴🧪 EFSA on PET Recycling - E. BARTHELEMY (EFSA, EU)
20” 🔴📦 EU Packaging Rules - D. NAPIERSKA (Zero Waste Europe, BE)
20” 🔴🚫 Food Waste Prevention - H. WILLIAMS (Karlstad Uni, SE)
🕥10:40-11:00 Coffee break
🕚11:00-12:30 🌏 Intl. PKG Regulations - R. AURAS - chair
20” 🟠♻️ Recycling Risk Assessment in CN - X. XIA (CAAS, CN)
20” 🟠📈 PKG Recycling in CN - X. SONG (NIM, CN)
20” 🟠📜 Food PKG Regulation in CL - M. J. GALOTTO (LABEN CHILE, CL)
20” 🟠🇺🇸 Sustainable PKG in US - A. STEPHENS (FAS, US)
🕧12:30-13:30 🍴Lunch break | Building A | Canopy (last floor) |
🕜13:30-15:00 🏛 EU vs US Agencies - O. Vitrac - chair
25” 🟡📜 EU PKG Approval History - M. R. MILANA (ISS, IT)
25” 🟡🔬 FDA on Recycled Plastics - S. FISCHER (FDA, US)
25” 🟡🧪 EFSA on PET Recycling - E. BARTHELEMY (EFSA, EU)
🕒15:00-15:30 Coffee break
🕞15:30-17:00 ♻️ PKG Recycling Discussion - R. AURAS - chair
30” 🟢🤝 APR & RecyClass - C. Cozart & F. Di Gregorio (APR/RecyClass, EU/US)
30” 🟢✔️ Recycled Polyolefins Safety - C. ABAD (CosPaTox, EU)
25” 🟢🚫 Recycled PET Safety - O. VITRAC (INRAE, FR)
25” 🟢📦 Recycled PKG in Food - L. BIANT (Paris-Saclay, FR)
🕔17:00-17:30 📝 **Wrap-up Day One - S. Domonek**
🕠17:30-18:30 🟤🏢 Paris-Saclay Facilities Tour - Sign up
🕖19:00-21:00 🍽Dinner | Restaurant: Living Room Palaiseau-Saclay | walking distance |



🗓 Day 2: Friday, November 10, 2023 | REUSE PKG DAY

📍 Hybrid/Location: 🏫Campus Agro | Building B | Salle du conseil| Room B1.24

🗂 Time🎤 Event
🕣08:30-09:00 📝 Registration with 🥐
🕘09:00-10:45 ♻️ Packaging Reuse Discussions - P.-M. NGUYEN - chair
25” 🔵🔄 Reusable PKG in EU - M. KEUENHOF (Planet Reuse, NL)
25” 🔵📊 PR3 Standards - C. JUSKA (Resolve, US)
20” 🔵🏭 Industrializing PKG Reuse - E. BLONDEAU (Eternity Systems, FR)
20” 🔵🚚Secondary PKG Reuse - (STEF, France)
15” 🔵🔄 Buddie-Pack Project - P. M. NGUYEN (LNE, FR)
🕚10:45-11:15 ☕ Coffee break
🕚11:15-12:15 📚 Education in Responsible PKG - S. Domonek - chair
20” 🟣🖥 FitNESS Platform - C. COTILLON (ACTIA, FR)
20” 🟣🎓🖥 Virtual Labs in Food Science - M. PASCAL (OH, US)
20” 🟣🎓 PKG Education in the US - R. AURAS (MI, US)
🕛12:00-12:30 🏁 Meeting Close & Next Actions - R. Auras, P.-M. Nguyen, O. Vitrac
🕧12:30-13:30 🍴 Lunch - Informal | Building A | Cafeteria (first floor) |


📝 Registration Information

📅 The registration for the two days is open, and it is free!

🆓 Important: Due to limited seating in the main meeting room, please specify whether you'll be attending in-person 🏢 or remotely 💻. We will use either Microsoft Teams or Zoom for remote participation.

🕒 Agenda & Networking: We've planned sufficient breaks ☕ and social events 🎉 to foster informal discussions and networking.

👤 Account & Management: To handle your registration details, create an account and navigate to **MyRegistration** in the left menu.

🗂️ 🗣️ Call for Abstracts: We kindly ask speakers to submit an abstract to facilitate the preparation of a book of abstracts. Please use **My Submissions** in the left menu for this.

📚 ⚠️ Note on Multiple Registrations:We've noticed an increase in multiple in-person registrations from the same organization. To accommodate as many distinct participants as possible, we may consolidate some of these into online participations. 🎫


📍Practical Information

The conference will take place at the Agro Campus of University Paris-Saclay 🎓.

We're still awaiting a dedicated Metro Line 🚇, but you can get to the campus directly via Public Transport with RER B (stop at Guichet 🛑) or by bus from the TGV-RER Station of Massy-Palaiseau 🚌. There are several hotels available in close proximity 🏨.

For personalized information from the organizers, including details about hotels, you can visit the following link:

Here are some useful links from our hosting institutes:

For an annotated map of the campus, you can visit:


👥 Organizing Committee

For any question, send an E-mail to:

  • Olivier Vitrac (INRAE, France): olivier.vitrac AT agroparistech.fr
  • Phuong-Mai Nguyen (LNE, France): phuong-Mai.Nguyen AT lne.fr
  • Rafael Auras (MSU, USA): aurasraf AT msu.edu



This international event would not be possible without the volunteers, academics, and institutions supporting this endeavor. We extend our heartfelt thanks, in alphabetical order, to AgroParisTech, INRAE, Michigan State University, and the American Delegation at the Embassy in Paris. 🌐🏛️

We aim to foster high-level, open, and inclusive dialogues 🗨️, even on topics that may appear contradictory, such as environmental obligations and public health safety. 🌿🔬


Special thanks to the CCSD of French CNRS, who developed SciencesConf and HAL archives.


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